Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Information on Medical Care

Subjects of medical treatment

Department of gynecology(designated hospital under Maternal Protection Act)

Consultation hours

(For those who plan to visit more than 2 departments, till 11:00)
AM 9:00~12:00 PM 13:30~16:00
Non-consultation days : Sundays, Holidays, and Saturday PMs.
*The waiting time can be long and it is subject to change according to doctors doing consultations, the medical condition of other patients and congestion situation. Also, we may ask you to wait or have to cancel consultations of doctors, when there is an emergency surgery.
*Priority will be given to patients with appointments, the waiting time will be longer for new patients and patients with no appointments.
*You can make an appointment by calling us.(limited to people who have been our patients before and possess ID numbers.). Please call us during the day on week days.
Table of outpatient clinician in charge

Contents of medical cares

Department of gynecology

The general outpatient department of gynecology, Menstrual disorder, Consultation about infertility, Consultation about birth control, Uterus cancer screening