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Contents of medical checkup, Integrated and detailed medical checkup
We believe complete medical checkup (Ningen-dog) is performed to help people live healthily and enjoy longevity.
There are MR- brain scanning, heart and lung examination with multi-detector computed tomography, large bowel examination with large intestine endoscope provided in the integrated complete medical checkup of our hospital. Of course they can be combined freely, if there is any menu that you don’t need to undergo, you may rest assured.
In Basic integrated complete medical check up, 1-17 are for mem, and 1-18 for women.

Components of integrated complete medical checkup

1 Physical measurement body height, bodily weight, degree of obesity, amount of body fat, percent of body fat
2 Examination at the department of internal medicine auscultation/percussion, blood-pressure check, hearing check
3 Examination at the trauma department rectal examination, prostatic gland examination
4 Blood typing ABO system, rhesus system(first time only)
5 Blood estimating test hemoglobin content, hematocrit, erythrocyte, leucocyte, MCV, blood platelet
6 Immunity/ serological test syphilis reaction, inflammation, rheumatism, tumor marker, pneumonia virus, HBs antigen, antibody, HCV antibody
7 Biochemical examination liver function, pancreatic function, kidney function, gout, electrolytes, diabetes, fat
8 Urine check protein, sugar, urobilinogen, occult blood, sediment
9 Stool inspection occult blood reaction
10 Ophthalmic examination eyesight, eye pressure, eye fundus photograph
11 Lung function test breathing capacity, ratio of breathing capacity, forced vital capacity
12 Electrocardiogram examination under resting condition, exercise intensity(heart-lung checkup only)
13 Chest X-ray direct radiography
14 Esophagus, stomach, duodenum gastric camera, fluoroscopy of the stomach(Option)
15 Thyroid testing thyroid function, ultrasound examination
16 Abdominal ultrasonography liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, lien, bladder, prostatic gland(Men)
17 Sputum cytology screening of cancer cells in respiratory system
18 Gynecology Internal examination including cervical cytology
Breast cancer screening ultrasound examination, mammography(Option) palpation of mammary gland
Uterus/ ovary examination ultrasound examination
19 Brain screening
20 Heart and lung cancer screening
21 Large bowel endoscopyク

If you wish to undergo any special examination other than these listed above, please consult us.

The result will be mailed to you as “Report of the complete medical check up” roughly 2 weeks after the checkup or later.
Guidance and out-patient consultation are available after examination, please consult our staff at Health Promotion Center if you would like.
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