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If you have any questions about our hospital, please choose an inquiry counter that most related to contents of your question from the list below and contact them.

General reception counter

TEL:046-223-3636 / FAX:046-223-3630 / E-MAIL:soumu@shonan-atsugi.jp

Inquiry for each center

  1. Day surgery center        TEL:046-223-3636
  2. Health Promotion Center           TEL:046-223-7815
  3. Clinical Trial Center                TEL:046-223-3605 / E-MAIL:tiken@shonan-atsugi.jp
  4. Endoscopy Center             TEL:046-223-3636
  5. Dialysis Center                 TEL:046-223-3636
  6. Ambulatory Rehabilitation Center       TEL:046-223-3636
  7. Nuclear Medicinal/PET Diagnostic center TEL:046-223-3636
Please see the information of each center for more details.

Post Graduate Clinical Practice

TEL:046-223-3636 / E-MAIL:kensyu@shonan-atsugi.jp