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Regard to the usage of this website

We try to provide information with the best accuracy as possible, though this is not to say, their security and assurance are assured.
We don’t handle personal information exceeding the scale necessary for achieving the purposes described below, except for the cases where it is authorized by law or we have a consent of the said person in advance.

About copy right

The said corporation, author’s rights, and other rights regarding to every texts, graphics, design, commercial logos etc.(hereinafter referred to as “data in the website”) are owned by this hospital, original author or other right holders.
The act of duplication, transmission, distribution, and recasting of the data in the website without gaining permission from this hospital, original author or other right holders, is considered an infringement of the Copyright Law The act of printing and saving data for personal use unless it is printed or saved for own use or it is authorized by other copyright law.
If you would like to use them, we ask you to win approval for the usage in advance by contacting to the hospital. however, there are cases we can not accept requested usage. Please be understanding of this beforehand

Examples of cases we can’t accept requested usage.

  1. It includes a portrait
  2. It includes copyrighted work/ commercial logo that belongs to a third party
  3. Other, the method or purpose of the usage are judged to be inappropriate by the hospital.

個人情報保護についてAbout personal information protection

We have established personal information protection. Please refer to the page about privacy policy of this hospital for more details.

Operating environment/ recommended browsers

Windows XP、VISTA
  1. Internet Explorer 7 or newer
  2. Mozilla 2.0 or newer
  3. Safari 3.0 or newer
Mac OS10.4 or newer
  1. Mozilla 2.0 or newer
  2. Safari 3.0 or newer
However, it may not be used depending on the utilization environment

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