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The convalescence rehabilitation ward

Philosophy of Shonan Atsugi hospital convalescent ward

“All of our staff will be your support to let you send the life again just like yourself”

Introduction of convalescence rehabilitation ward

Rehabilitation Room

The convalescence rehabilitation ward, is a ward to perform intensive rehabilitation in patients like that has brought about a decrease in physical function due to cerebrovascular disease and fractures.
Improvement of daily activates for the “Live” after discharge is pre assumed, towards the earliest possible home return and social return, All of our staff including doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapist , pharmacists will working together for you.

Characteristics of convalescence rehabilitation ward

  1. Provide rehabilitation service 24/7, including weekend, holiday and year end.
  2. Average rate of home reversion over 85%
  3. Dialysis patients is acceptable
  4. Convalescence rehabilitation ward and rehabilitation room are at same floor.

Initiatives of our hospital

  1. Seasonal annual events
  2. Monthly exchange meeting with the children who from the kindergarten of our hospital.

Concert by children from kindergarten   Christmas event
Concert by children from kindergarten Christmas event

Hospitalization Life (To improve activities of daily living)

Dressing: Activities of daily living also a part of rehabilitation, it also could strike a balance in both mind and body. Therefore, two dressing times per day, after wake up change to your own clothe and before sleep change to nightwear.
Movement: Depend on the evaluation by rehabilitation staff, we are committed to walking practice and our care staff to support your life after hospital discharge.
Excretion: we perform a break and toilet induction of diapers from early stage. Independence of excretion (to lighten burden of nursing care) is the most common wish from family.
It will also could prevent less of cognitive function.
Meals: All members have meal in the dining room.
The transfer from room to dining room will be a good mobilization and rehabilitation.
In order to could let users take oral care after meal as soon as possible, we put a wash basin in dining room.
Cosmetic cleaning: Toothpaste of dentures also to be done three times per day, morning, noon and evening.
Bathing: Two to three times per week for whom need assistance, for whom no need assistance could be every day .Bathing evaluation conducted by the rehabilitation staff as necessary, and we always to be prepared to provide the appropriate assistance to you.

Schedule of one day(for example)


The flow from hospitalization to discharge

The flow from hospitalization to discharge

Hospitalization targets

Targets Estimate days from onset date
Cerebrovascular disease, spinal cord injury, head injury, subarachnoid hemorrhage of shunt surgery, brain tumor, encephalitis, acute encephalopathy, myelitis, polyneuropathy, multiple sclerosis, cranial nerve plexus damage such as the onset or after surgery later Within 60days
Multi-site trauma, including higher-order dysfunction severe cerebrovascular disorders accompanied by, severe cervical spinal cord injury, head injury Within 60days
Femur, pelvis, spine, hip or knee joint fracture, or after the onset of two or more limbs of multiple fractures or after surgery Within 60days
Disuse syndrome due to the rest time during treatment such as surgery or treatment for pneumonia, after surgery or after the symptom. Within 60days
Femur, pelvis, spine, hip or knee joint neuromuscular or after ligament damage Within 30days
After replacement surgery of the hip or knee joint Within 30days

Contact information for hospitalization

Shonan Atsugi Hospital

Address: 118-1 Nurumizu,Atsugi City, Kanagawa prefectural
TEL: 046-223-3636 (AM9:00—PM16:00)

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