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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Information on the department of gynecology

If you are concerned about female-specific diseases, please do not hesitate to visit us for counseling.

We try to provide less painful treatment as possible for our patients.
Even if it is the same disease, required treatments slightly vary depending on the individual. We ask our patients to choose the most appropriate treatment from the treatment methods we provide.

Womb cancer screening We perform cervical cancer screening and uterine body cancer screening.
If the test result shows it is a cancer, we will introduce you to a specialized hospital.
Please undergo a regular checkup at least once a year. If a cancer is detected in its early stage, it is 100% curable. You can also have the screening in the complete medical checkup (Ningen-Dog).
(Please contact Health promotion center if you have any questions about Shimin-Kenshin(municipal health examinations provided for its citizen) and complete medical checkup).
Fibroid of uterus It is the most popular disease among gynecologic diseases developed in 1 out of 4 to 5 women of reproductive age. In most cases it is developed in corpus of the uterus and rarely becomes malignant.

We consider medicinal treatment and operative method while examining the size of myoma, the tumor site and symptoms such as hypermenorrhea, pains and anemia. We perform a surgery in which we remove the myoma only, for patients who hope to have a baby in the future.
Ovarian cystoma Since the ovary has no contact with the other parts of the body, it generally has no symptoms. Most people visit hospital claiming, their stomach has grown to be extraordinarily big or that they have a mild pain in the lower abdomen. When ovary becomes extremely big(over 5cm), it generates fluid pools in the abdomen and develops “torsion of the pedicle”. When it occurs, fallopian tube becomes twisted accompanying a severe pain.
When such symptoms are experienced, it requires a surgery to be performed as soon as possible.
Hernia of the uterus Uterus lowers its position from where it normally is(descent of the uterus), and prolapses from the vagina to its outside. The possible causes are, a decrease in an amount of hormone (estrogen) due to menopause, tissues supporting the bony pelvis weakened due to pregnancy and delivery etc. The symptoms are, emptying problem, involuntary urination and disturbance of defecation etc.
Although we instruct treatment through insertion of pessary, hormone therapy and exercise for the bony pelvis, there are patients who proactively undergo a surgery and be completely cured.
There are also patients who are afraid of visiting hospital thinking it is too shameful or that they are just getting old. We recommend you to receive a treatment and live comfortably everyday. Please consult us on this occasion.
Inflammation of genitalia There is an infection inside the uterus and bony pelvis causing an increase in an amount of vaginal discharge and also, pains and itching sensation are experienced.
Please visit our hospital soon, as the symptoms can be reduced with drug treatment performed after examining the cause of inflammation.
Menopausal discomfort It causes symptoms, centered around the autonomic nerve imbalance caused by a decrease in an amount of hormone (estrogen) due to depressed ovarian function and stress from the environment. Talking about their problems and receiving an appropriate hormone therapy will decrease the symptoms.
Birth control If you plan not to have a baby, pregnancy can be prevented with an intrauterine contraceptive device or by taking pills. Please consult us.
If you plan not to have a baby for an indefinite period, there is a permanent anticonception, in which we perform a surgery to tie the fallopian tube.
If you have just delivered a baby, the surgery can be performed during hospitalization.
The duration of hospital stays is the same as that required in a case of ordinary delivery. The wound is also small and hard to spot.
Emergency contraception(morning-after pill) Even in case of failed contraception, pregnancy can be prevented at a rate of 90-95% by taking middle-dose pill within 72 hours after the sexual intercourse. As side effects of morning-after pills, severe headache and nausea can be experienced. The medical expense is not covered by insurance, it costs the fee for the pill(about 15,000 yen) + medical examination. Prescription of morning-after pills is available during opening hours for outpatient cares.
Prenatal diagnosis We perform Quattro screening and introduce the patient to a medical specialist when there is an abnormality in the result.
Bellybutton surgery Nowadays, it consists most of surgeries performed in the department of obstetrics and gynecology.
There are positive aspects such as follows. As the surgery requires only a small wound, it reduces the pain after surgery and makes the operative wound hard to spot. A quick recovery is expected which leads to reducing the time having to spend in the hospital. It enables patients to return to the working world quickly. Also, there is little adhesion that the amount of bleeding is reduced.

However, there is a limit to treatment which can be performed in the abdominal cavity. In cases of malignant tumor, strong adhesion, and large tumor which disturb the field of view, there are times bellybutton surgery is hard to be performed. The surgery is mainly for endometriosis, ovary tumor, and fibroid of uterus.(cancer of uterine body has become treatable since this year.)If you have been diagnosed with a tumor, or have respective problems, please consult us.
Visit the hospital for a consultation
Please do not worry alone, come to the hospital and consult us first.

If you are transferring to our hospital from another hospital

Please bring a referral form. It tells us quickly about the treatment policy of your previous hospital and helps us make treatment decisions which lead to treatment to be proceeded smoothly.