The department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine

A Talk of heart disease,Heart condition
The heart is an important internal organ, it is made of muscle (heart muscle), have the size of a fist and consists of 4 rooms. It serves as a pump that conveys approx. 4 to 5 liter of blood per minute and it beats roughly a hundred thousand times in a single day.
The blood is conveyed from every part of the body to right atrial to right ventricle and, from the heart to the lung in which carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged, then it is conveyed back to the heart, from left atrial to left ventricle, and finally to every part of the body through the main artery.

Let’s compare the heart to a car engine

Abnormality in the structure valvular disease, Cardiac myopathy, Heart muscle inflammation Echocardiographic examination
Chest X-ray
Angiographic examination
Blood test
Cardiac electrogram
Fuel System Ischemic heart disease
Electrical system Irregular heartbeat

Coronary artery

It is a coronary artery, a kind of artery which runs the outside surface of the heart that conveys oxygen and nutrients to the heart itself. There are 3 kinds of coronary arteries, anterior descending branch running the front side (front wall) of the heart, looping branch, running the backside (backside wall) and, right coronary artery running the bottom side(inferior wall ).