The department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine


September 1, 2005, Cardiovascular department was established with the opening of Shonan Atsugi Hospital. Since then, we’ve been working hard to provide the best technology and facilities for patients, including those with circulatory disease requiring emergency care. We are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also, aim to output medical papers through our daily attempt, to the world, hoping to contribute to further development of medical treatment.

Circulatory disease: We provide an examination and treatment using a catheter to diagnose ischemic heart disease(breast pang/ cardiac infarction) along with treatment for Irregular heartbeat, Cardiac valvular disease and Chronic cardiac failure.

Recently, minimally invasive treatment, imposing lesser burden on patients, has been attracting attention of people. In our department, we insert a catheter from brachial artery or radial artery in cases of catheter examinations and treatment. In case of catheter examination, it has shortened the duration of hospitalization to only one night and the time required for the examination has been reduced to about 20 minutes. Other than that, we provide catheter treatment for Arteriosclerosis obliterans, Shunt stenosis and Renovascular hypertension.

We are on a round-the-clock basis, with no regard for Sundays, Holidays and Night-time so that, we are able to perform emergency cardiac catheterization within 30 minutes after the patient has been taken to the hospital.
Also, we are now able to respond to the needs of patients in wider areas by cooperating with hospitals such as Shonan Kamakura General Hospital and Tokyo-Nishi Tokushukai Hospital.

We, staff in Cardiovascular department, Shonan Atsugi Hospital, will continue making efforts in cardiovascular treatment and clinical testing in order to provide our patients with the latest medical services that are making progress day by day.

Outline of Facilities

【Catheter room 1】
Bi-plain flat panel , manufactured by Siemens

【Catheter room 2】
Bi-plain system manufactured by TOSHIBA
MDCT manufactured by TOSHIBA, 64 rows
1.5T manufactured by MRGE
Myocardial scintigraphy manufactured by Siemens
PET・PET CT manufactured by Siemens

Medical treatment records

【2005, during 3 months between September and December】
Catheter examination 149 cases
Coronary angioplasty 30 cases
Arterioplasty 7 cases
Radio-frequency catheter ablation 1 case
Pacemaker implantation 2 cases
Inferior vena cava filter 1 case
【2006, from January through August】
Catheter examination 318 cases
Coronary angioplasty
Emergency case (total of 96 times)
Complications after surgery
In-hospital death
96 cases
34 cases
1 case
2 cases
Artery of the lower limb anaplasty 13 cases
Radio-frequency catheter ablation 2 cases
Inferior vena cava filter 2 cases