The Department of General Medicine


Information on Medical Care

Taking a role of providing medical care in the community health care can roughly be divided into 3 aspects, General Medicine is what provides these to people who are in need impartially.
1) Try as possible as we can to help people that have problems concerning their health condition.
2) Keep providing treatment for people with chronic disorder
3)Provide Preventive healthcare for people in the region to keep them from falling sick.
We try to find solution by “listening to our patients”, or “conducting a medical examination” if needed, when there are people concerned with their health condition, regardless of who you are and what your health problem might be.
It includes our attempt in introducing patients to other medical specialists where they can receive more appropriate treatment for their diseases. Also, we respond to social problems by probing into the background of them when it is considered to be causing harm to the patient’s health.

Special Feature

We are becoming more and more able to receive benefits from the development of medical technology today. The dream of Regenerative seems to be coming true.
On the contrary, we are heading towards a super-aging society we have never experienced before, with problems to be concerned such as sanctity of man’s life, dealing with people suffering multisystem disease, escalation of medical costs it seems as if our country is takings the path down to the collapse of the medical care system.
And all these problems can never be solved without a concerted support of health-care providers (university hospitals, municipal hospitals, self-employed doctors, home-visit nurse care centers, each institute, families and the nursing industry)
In such situation, we consider generalists who regularly take an extensive view of the whole medical care have to take a leading part and become an indicator for the others.
We hope to provide a generalized (as in being responsible for all) medical system and doctors through the local medical treatment.

Our mottos are those 3 listed below.

1) Don not resist
2) Maintain a relationship with patients on people to people basis.
3) Aim for a medical care provided at the global standard.

Our destination is the smiles of our patient and their family.

Genral diseases

General internal diseases