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PET-CT examination

PET-CT device
PET-CT device
PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is radionuclide scanning called positron emission tomography.
It makes use of the fact that drug that releases small quantities of radiation(18F-FDG) gathers around cancer cells. It captures the radiation released from the cells and creates an image of it.

Recently, a device which is capable of performing simultaneously testing with PET and CT has been used in medical scenes, and such way of testing is called PET-CT examination.

How the examination is performed

Resting room

The examination takes about 3 hours from entering the room to getting out.

Important reminders

  1. please refrain from eating or drinking since 6 hours prior to the examination.
    However, drinks with no sugar added, such as tea and water are fine.
  2. If the blood glucose level is extremely high, we may ask you either to wait until it goes down or to postpone to another day, there may even be cases where we have to cancel the examination.
  3. If you are diabetic, please consult a doctor.
  4. Please refrain from exercise before and on the day of the examination.

Drugs used in PET-CT examination

The test drug called,18F-FDG is a non-radioactive drug which contains 18F(fluorine )-labeled glucose.
It has a structure that is very similar to that of glucose, which means, they have similar properties as well.

As cancer cells undergo cell divide more frequently than normal cells, they take in 3-8 times more glucose than normal cells. So, this is how cancer cells gather around 18-FDG which releases radial ray.

Also, We create 18 F-FDG at in-hospital cyclotron and hot cells and use them for examinations as the life span of 18F-FDG is very short.

By undergoing the PET-CT examination with 18-FDG we are exposed to a radiation level of approx.20m SV.
It has almost no negative impact on the human body

Cyclotron Hot cell

Image obtained from PET-CT

Lung cancer

CT image PET image Super imposed image of PET and CT

Breast cancer/h4>
CT image PET image Super imposed image of PET and CT

PET-CT examination is capable of

  1. Detecting cancers in early stage
  2. Telling whether a tumor is benign or malignant
  3. Exploring the stage of cancer progression
  4. Determining if there is cancer metastasis
  5. Determining how well anticancer drug treatment and radiation procedure are working in the treatment.

Inquiry about PET-CT examination

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