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Health Promotion Center

Flow of application procedures.

1. Application

Appointment and application can be made by phone, FAX or coming directly to the reception table.
Application form(PDF)
Also, please contact us if you need a brochure of the complete medical checkup. We will immediately send it to you.
Reception Hours 13:00~16:30(excluding Sundays and Holidays)
Telephone: 046-223-7815
FAX 046-223-7772
In case where you would like to make a cancellation, please contact us as early as possible.

2 Sending of Documents

We send a necessary documentation package by 2 weeks prior to the check up date. (an invitation letter, a questionnaire, a container for the checkup etc.)

3. the examination day.

Important reminders

*The test result is explained after 7PM on the date you undergo them.
*Please avoid eating and drinking. Drinking water is fine until going to sleep.
*Also, please avoid eating, drinking and smoking on the examination day, and come to the center by 8:30 AM.

Things to be prepared

Questionnaire Please fill it out completely.
Stool test container Please take 2 stool samples during the time in between 3 days prior the examination day and the morning of the examination day.
Sputum container Please take a sample of your sputum within 3 days of the examination day.
Health insurance card As for diseases that need medical attention, health insurance card is accepted.
Other If you have any examination result obtained from other medical institute, please bring it with you to the center.
Components of the examination Contents Required time
A. Integrated and detailed medical checkup all the examination items included in B – E The required time is 7-8 hours
B. Basic integrated medical check up items 1-17 of Integrated complete medical checkup are for mem
items 1-18 of Integrated complete medical checkup are for women
The required time is 4-5 hours.
C. Brain screening Examination with MRI/MRA The required time is 1 hour
D. Heart and lung cancer scanning Examination with 64 rows multi-detector computed tomography Tthe required time is 1 hour
E. Large bowel examination Examination with large intestine endoscope The required time is 6 hours
Endoscope 30 minutes
F. Check for Metabolic syndrome Examine the body fat with CT The required time is 1 hour

4. Explanation of the result

Please receive the result and lifestyle guidance from a medical specialist after the checkup
*The report of the medical check up will be sent to you roughly 3 weeks after the checkup.

5. Follow-up services

  1. If you have any questions about the report sent by mail, please ask on the interview day.
  2. In cases where detailed examination or medical treatment are needed, we serve them in accordance with the out-patient department.
  3. We firm appointment and introduction of patients to the out-patient department in case of need.
  4. If patients who have undergone the medical checkup visit the out-patient department for purposes not related to the checkup, they can consult us about making appointments etc.
  5. We aim to protect personal data by having them under the complete management.
  6. It has a total support of Tokushukai Group including this hospital.