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We desire to be helpful to everyone in the regional community and promote their health by letting them know the purposes and contents of the complete medical checkup provided in Health Promotion Center.
The life span of Japanese has lengthened and it is about to reach 90 years. It is meaningful to be able to spend our long life healthily and effectively.
On the other hand, there are many conditions likely to cause harm to our health, being generated from the living environment and deteriorated eating habit etc., of modern societies. An increase in the number of people who have what we call, metabolic syndrome has been a national issue, these people have “a bad combination” of obesity, dyslipidemia and diabetes etc.
The advanced medical examination and diagnostic technology today, are fully capable of responding to our needs, provided if we aim for early detection. Complete medical checkup plays a great role in terms of this “preventive medicine”.
We have a system including a highly advanced examination with PET device and diagnosis. Examination data has been made into an IT database and in cases where treatment is required, they are made available to work together with it.
The sooner we detect signs of impending diseases, the quicker we are able to solve them by making efforts to improve our daily life stiles.
In order to do so, we strongly recommend that you make use of the complete medical checkup.
“You are the only one that can protect your life”

Complete medical checkup watches for your health condition.

For modern people who lead a busy life, one of their concerns must be health condition of themselves and their family.
There must be quite a few of them who have a fear of acquiring a disease, and actually aware of the importance of staying healthy. Recently, with the change of lifestyle habit, various kinds of adult-onset diseases have been frequently seen in people who are in their prime.
With various kinds of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and brain infarction, early detection and appropriate treatment are necessary in any case.
Complete medical checkup is provided with aims to detect various symptoms manifested in the body quickly and take the appropriate responses to them while they are in early stage. We recommend you and your family who are concerned about health, to undergo complete medical checkup on a regular basis.

Highly accurate examination using the latest examination equipment and judgment made by medical specialists.

We are committed to provide a dependable, and “high quality” complete medical check up by having the data obtained from examination devices that demonstrate superior performance judged by medical specialists at a highly accurate level.


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