Department of Radiology


Features of the diagnosis and treatment department

Niice to meet you. My name is Motoo Ooshima. I’ve been in this hospital since January, 2012, working as the chairperson of the department of radiology.

In the field of diagnostic imaging , radionuclide scanning such as PET-CT and SPECT have a lower recognition rate compared to CT or MRI. There are many people who have heard of CT scan but know nothing about PET-CT and SPECT. However, radionuclide scanning go back further than CT or MRI and they are of great utility.

To put simply, while CT and MRI project figuration or anatomy of internal organs, radionuclide scanning is an examination that projects the metabolism of diseases. As radionuclide scanning enables the nature of problems to be projected down to the cell level, it ensures a proper diagnosis in an idiosyncratic way, for example they are used to scan for cancers or Alzheimer’s disease. And a drug used with PET(test reagent) that can be applied to many diseases is being developed.
In our hospital, we perform most-advanced treatment and clinical trial with PET-CT and SPECT. I strongly hope that you make use of the examination in order to detect diseases early, furthermore, to maintain good health.