Department of Ophthalmology


Contents of medical cares

The department of ophthalmology currently, serves medical examinations on a part-time basis. Please check the medical examination timetable before you visit.


As for the testing equipment, we have latest devices such as eye fundus 3 dimensional image analysis device(OCT) and visual field test device for glaucoma(Octopus).
Also, we use a Japanese most-advanced pattern laser device that causes less pain and requires less time compared to the conventional laser device in laser treatment for retinopathy of diabetes and retinal breaks etc. it has been very popular among our patients. When we use this device in an additional treatment of whom have received a laser treatment by the conventional laser, we receive comments from them such as, “This is totally definitely different from the former one. It’s easy” and “not to say, this causes no pain at all, but the pain is much less than the former one.” The fact that the laser treatment is required means the disease is rather severe but even in such condition, we think less painful treatment is a bliss.

As for cataract removal, performed broadly in eye clinics, it is not available in our department as we are currently on a part-time basis. However, you may rest assured as whenever there is need for surgery, we appropriately introduce our patient to a hospital that is able to perform surgery such as our group hospital, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital.

In our aim to provide our patients with reassurance, we will continue making efforts. We hope we will have a good relationship together.

Representative target diseases

We provide treatment for overall eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, retinopathy of diabetes, dry eyes, conjunctiva inflammation.