Department of Pediatrics

Greetings/Introduction of Staff

Contents of medical cares

In our department, we provide throughout treatment for general diseases(infection disease, allergic disease, respiratory disease, endocrine disease and nerve disease etc.) in childhood(in our hospital, defined as children until ninth grade,). We are open for general out-patients in the AM, from Monday to Saturday( except holidays)every week. Also in the PM on weekdays, we provide protective inoculation, health examination for young children and outpatient treatment for nerve and developmental disease.

In our hospital, we have the trauma department, the department of dermatology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and department of plastic surgery, and we introduce our patients to its appropriate department if necessary. If you are under 15 years old and not sure of which diagnosis and treatment department to visit, please come to the department of pediatrics first.


In our department, we, our specialty outpatient clinic, provide outpatient treatment for infantile neurosis and developmental disease. We provide treatment widely for diseases such as spasmodic disorder(febrile convulsion, epilepsia etc), neuromuscular disease(myopathy, dystrophy etc.) rare intractable neurological diseases, nocturnal enuresis, and developmental disease(pervasive development disorder, ADHD etc.).
For those who have been receiving treatment for diseases such as epilepsia and cerebral palsy since childhood, at their request, we try our best to provide them with treatment in the department of pediatrics, even after they are 15 or older.

Introduction of Staff

【Affiliated academic societies etc】
  1. The Japanese Society of Child Neurology
  2. Pediatric neurology
  3. Clinical training instructor
  1. 1989, graduates from the medical department of Tokyo University
  2. 1989, becomes a pediatric resident at the University of Tokyo Hospital
  3. 1990, at the department of pediatrics, Tokunoshima Tokushukai Hospital
  4. 1992, at the department of pediatrics, Chiba Tokushukai Hospital
  5. 1994 ,becomes a neurology resident at National Children’s Hospital
  6. 1995, at at the department of pediatrics, ShonanKamakura General Hospital
  7. 1996, becomes an assistant pediatrician at the University of Tokyo Hospital
  8. 2007, becomes the deputy director/ chairperson of the department of pediatrics, Shonan Atsugi Hospital
Hiroshi Ichiseki

Deputy director
Chairperson of the department of pediatrics
Hiroshi Ichiseki

【Affiliated academic societies etc】
  1. Clinical training instructor
  1. 1992, graduates from the medical department of Tokyo University
  2. 1992 becomes a pediatric resident at the University of Tokyo Hospital
  3. 1994, at the department of pediatrics of Chiba-nishi General Hospital
  4. 1995, enters cardiovascular department of National Children’s Hospital
  5. 1997, at the department of pediatrics of Naze Tokushukai Hospital
  6. 2008, becomes the deputy director of Shonan Atsugi Hospital
Shinichiro Honma

Deputy director of the hospital
Department of pediatrics
Shinichiro Honma