The department of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine

A Talk of heart disease, Ischemic heart disease

Characteristics of breast pang and heart infraction

Breast pang
Heart infraction
Condition of coronary artery
Coarctation Occlusion               
Subjective symptomsdiv>
It is improved within 10 minutes Continuous of acute pain
Nitro-drug formulation
Effective Ineffective
Heart muscle
Not effected Necrosis (goes rotten)

Culprit vessel of Heart infarction and its subjective symptoms

Reflux zone
Considerable complications
Anterior descending branch
Front wall Pain radiating shoulder and jaw, Cardiac depression Heart rupture caused by ventricular arrhythmia
Looping branch
Posterior wall Backache Acute MR caused by posterior papillary muscle incompetency
Right coronary artery
Inferior wall Epigastric pain Atrioventricular block posterior papillary muscle incompetency

Acute Myocardial Infarction

Acute Myocardial Infarction is a disease caused by cholesterol in arterial sclerosis, the cholesterol which has reached to the coronary artery flows itself into the blood tube suddenly, just like the time when a zit pops and the center core of the zip comes out, the coronary artery becomes furred up (Occlusion) and the heart becomes necrotized. It has 10% mortality even when it is treated with a quick and appropriate treatment, and the rate is increased to approx. 50% when it occurs for the second time (the remaining 2 of 3 coronary arteries are occluded)
Development of Arterial sclerosis
Collapse of fatty deposit
Clot formation
Acute occlusion caused by clot