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Privacy policy

When you use the said corporation, please read the following.
We manage our customer information in a competent manner to properly protect the privacy of them.
Here, We inform you the standard of our use of information in the corporation, in particular, how they are collected and for what purposes they’re used.

Contents of our collection of privacy information and its acquisition and method

In the said corporation, we collect information such as names, mail addresses, and telephone numbers etc., through the inquiry form sent by our customers. We also collect personal data to the extent necessary to the applicants through the employment information on our website when our customers make an application.
These information will be used exclusively for the purpose described below.
And In our corporation, in the aim of maintaining statistics of the website to grasp the access trend on our website, information such as times accessed to our website, IP addresses, host names and browsers are automatically collected at each time a page is viewed. However, these information will be used exclusively for the purpose described below.

Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information provided by our customers,
  1. to respond to an inquiry that has been made from the customer
  2. to send documents that has been requested by the customer
  3. for employment screening of the applicant, to send an information on schedule, to contact them to inform our judgment of acceptance.
  4. to improve our website to monitor the access as countermeasure against hazard prevention such as unauthorized access and defacing
  5. We don’t use the collected information for any other purposes than these listed above.

Management of personal information

We manage our customer information in a competent manner with the greatest care, along with compliance with guidelines and acts applied to the personal information we hold in the said corporation.

Disclosure and provision of information

We don’t disclose or provide the personal information the said corporation has collected for the operational purpose, to a third party without previous consent of the parties concerned , with the exceptions of the cases defined below.
  1. When we are asked for the disclosure of personal information from public institutions such as public office, on the basis of authority specified by law
  2. When it is required in conducting business in corporation with group company/ subcontracting company.
    In this case, we ask the said group company and subcontracting company to properly manage the personal information in the same manner as we do.

Correction/ deletion of personal information

In cases where there is a request for confirmation/correction of personal information that has been provided to us, we respond to them in a scale which is reasonable through the inquiry counters below.

the Improvement of handling of personal information

We will continuously strive to improve the approachs corresponding to the respective items above, by reviewing them in a timely manner.


In the said corporation, we include linkes that lead to external sites. We are not responsible for the personal information protection and contents of these external websites.
It is critical that our customers understand about our handling of the personal information etc. We ask you to contact the inquiry counter listed below for any questions or opinions regarding to the contents described above.

Inquiry counter

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