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For people who will stay in the hospital

Smoking is prohibited on the premises.
Let’s take this hospital stay as an opportunity to quit smoking.
We provide support to help patients give up smoking in the out patient clinic, please consult with your doctor or nurse.

Procedures for hospital admission

On the day you admit yourself to the hospital, please submit an application form-cum-contract agreement on hospitalization, the insurance card, the patient’s registration card and other various public medical care certificates.

Things to be prepared at the time of hospital admission

Procedure for hospital admission
  1. Medicines you’ve recently been taking (Please make sure to bring them)
  2. Night ware etc. Underwear
  3. Tissue papers etc
  4. Footwear for wearing in the hospital,(with grippy soles)
  5. Toilet articles such as a tooth brush
  6. Shampoo, body soup (also, we have them available to patients in the hospital)
  7. Diapers (if you use them)

About Hospitalization fee and Payment method

  1. Your hospitalization fee will be collected in full when you leave the hospital.
  2. The amount of payment will be informed past 10th of the following month, make sure to pay within 10 days after the notice.
    *Payment bill will be handed to you or delivered to the address of your personal reference written in the application for hospitalization.
  3. Please make sure to submit your insurance card at that time you make a monthly payment or a total amount of hospitalization fee before leaving the hospital. If there has been any changes to your insurance card etc., please inform that to us at the general information counter on the first floor.
  4. If you have been in the hospital to gain support in delivering a baby, submit the “parturition receipt” at the accounting counter when you make a payment for the parturition expenses.

In hospital

In hospital
  1. Please put your belongings in the locker.
  2. Your valuable belongings must be put in a safety box, or a bedside table with a mirror.
  3. We don’t basically handle outside calls. If a caller leaves a message for you, it will be informed to you through our staff.
  4. If you are to bring electronic items such as, computer, radio, DVD , and TV game, inform that to staff in the hospital ward beforehand.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the entire hospital.
  6. Since Cellphones have a harmful influence on medical device, they are to be turned off inside the hospital.

About attending a patient

  1. If you wish a family attendant due to special circumstances, consult with staff at the nurse station in the hospital ward. (Please fill out an application form)

About meals

  1. The hospital meals are therapeutic diet, in order to provide meals that are enjoyable to our patient, managerial dietician plan a meal containing season foods through out the year.
  2. Since we provide special diet according to its condition of our patients, if you are served with special diet, please do not eat anything other than that.
  3. Please do not make a food order to outside services such as food delivery.

About medical treatment consultations

  1. I’m concerned how to lead a life while having to deal with sickness or difficulties
  2. I have concerns and worries about life after leaving the hospital.
  3. I have financial concerns.
  4. I like to know about services I could make use of, such as nursing-care insurance program, systems for disabled people and sanatorium used on be half of home nursing for the elderly.
Call us beforehand, to make an appointment for the counseling day and time.

Medical Counseling room(Main line) TEL:046-223-3636 FAX:046-223-3630

Weekdays: 9:00-17:00
Saturday:9:00-17:00( closed for Sundays and Holidays)

About home medical treatment of patients after leaving the hospital

We provide appropriate treatment at patients’ home in order for them to continuously receive appropriate treatments, with a focus on those have difficulties of visiting the hospital after the hospitalization therapy, our doctors or home-visiting nurses visit them and give regular home treatment for them.
For more details, please consult with your doctor/nurse

About in-hospital institutions and facilities

In-hospital kiosk

It’s on the first foor

Pay phone

It’s at the lobby on the first floor, and at the day rooms on the third and forth floor.

Laundry, drying machine

There are Laundromats in each hospital ward(charged)


Top-up card type(charged)

Parking lot

Parking lot lacks its space that we ask family of the patients to take their car back home.