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How to make a reception

About Reception procedures for out-patient visitors

Reception procedures for out-patient visitors

  1. For out-patient medical cares, please visit the outpatient ward(for department of obstetrics and gynecology, the department of gynecology, medical care provided in the early evening and emergency medical care, please visit the inpatient ward)
  2. The reception procedures are different depending on whether you have an appointment or not.
  3. Appointments can be made by phone, only if you have a patient’s registration card of this hospital.(we don’t accept appointment for the diagnosis and treatment department from people who have not visited this hospital before)
  4. By “People other than those with appointments” we mean people who are new to this hospital, require only medicine/blood sampling or drip infusion and those who are introduced from other hospitals.

Flow of reception/medical consultation

Flow of reception/medical consultation
  1. Application form for initial consultation ” can be downloaded from here.
  2. In our hospital we use patient’s registration cards to identify our patients.
    The card can be used almost permanently that please make sure to bring it every time you visit the hospital.
    Also, please keep it safe as 105 yen is charged for reissuing of the card.
  3. If there has been any change to your insurance card and address etc., please immediately inform that to the reception counter
  4. We may ask for the full amount of payment (by considering it medical expenses not covered by insurance) in cases where the insurance card is not submitted or it is no longer valid etc..
  5. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at the reception counter.

In this hospital, appointment is not necessary.

  1. If you are receiving a continuation therapy and have to make a change to your appointment, please make an appointment by calling us during 14:00-16:00 on Weekdays.(excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
  2. The reception hours for medical consultation differ according to each medical department, please check the table which shows outpatient clinician in charge for more details.
For making an appointment, please call at  046-223-7722
Reservation of various health diagnosis and complete medical checkup
  1. Health promotion center046-223-7815 (direct number)


  1. If you come to the hospital during night hours(20:00-7:00), please use the entrance near the road in the inpatient hospital, it is open through the night.
  2. If you come to the hospital by car, please use the underground parking lot in the inpatients’ ward or the second parking lot.