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Advanced Medical Equipment

The data has been made into an IT database in 2 institutions of Shonan Atsugi Hospital .Also, there are cutting-edge medical equipment to provide safe and high-quality medical cares for our patients.

64 rows multi-detector computed tomography

With the introduction of 64 rows multi-detector computed tomography, we are now able to obtain detailed images at high speed.
It is a whole-body CT scanning, it is also capable of performing cardiac screening which has been difficult before, by making the most of the multiple selective detector.

1.5T MRI

The Introduction of a high-magnetic-field MRI device has enabled us to obtain the detailed images in a short time.
It works effectively in not only scanning head and neck area, spine and abdominal area but also, breast and visualizing blood tubes.
Also, examinations such as bladder(MRCP)scanning and urinary passage(MR-Urography)scanning can be performed in a short time.

Outpatients’ ward


With the introduction of a mammographic device equipped with flat panel detector, we are now capable of obtaining highly-detailed images. Furthermore, mammography is guided by female radiation technologists.

Radionuclide scanning RI

It is a digital gamma camera used for radionuclide scanning of the entire body. It is capable of performing Scintigraphic test for the cerebral blood flow, heart muscle and bones.



It is called PositoronEmissionTomography and categorized into nuclear scanning. It is one of the most advanced medical equipment and is effective for malignant tumor (cancer) scanning. It is also called FDG-PET, it scan the metabolic image of glucose and possesses great ability to produce them in fixed quantity. Furthermore, we have an institution in which we provide treatments for brain blood flow and metabolism of oxygen, making us enable to respond to cerebrovascular diseases as well.