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Hospital Belief/Greetings from the Hospital Director

Hospital belief

A hospital that is trusted with every one’s lives. A hospital that protects everyone’s health and lives. We aim for a regional society where anyone can feel secured and receive the best medical care at anytime and anywhere.

Basic belief

  1. We provide medical examination, nursing and nursing-care services that are safe, secure and heart-warming through continuous improvement.
  2. All members of the staff take notice of the fact that the medical examination, nursing and nursing-care services are provided in medical practice, and have a common concept that patients and users are most important.
  3. Each member of the staff tries to improve their skills in order to be able to provide flexible services in medical practice.
  4. We are committed to provide medical examination, nursing and nursing-care services that are based on the evidence.
  5. We secure transparency in medical examination, nursing and nursing-care services and aim to become an open hospital , institution for the region and society.

Patients’ right

  1. They have a right to receive enough explanation about the medical examination and treatment they’re related to, and choose, accept, or refuse them on the basis of their intention.
  2. They have a right to receive essential medical treatment in respective of individual background and nature of disease.
  3. Their privacy, such as their own personal information and relationships is respected.
  4. They have a right to participate in making a clinical path and know contents of medical examination and medical fee.

Duty of patients

  1. They have an obligation to provide honest and accurate information about their diseases.
  2. They have an obligation to immediately tell our staff in cases where any changes or problems occur to their mind or body during treatment.
  3. They have a responsibility to follow the treatment policy and give consideration to other patients so as not to disturb their treatments and hospital stays.

Greetings from the Hospital Director

Hospital Director:Notimitsu Kurogi

Shonan Atsugi hospital was established in September 2005, it is a medium-sized hospital with 253 authorization beds. Under the open 24-7, never refuse emergency hospital policy, we have contributed to the local original regional area healthcare.
It was certified in clinical training designated hospital in September 2007. After three years, was certified in Japan hospital function Review mechanism. At the end of March 2015, nine junior residents and one senior resident graduated. Further, in order to assess the quality of training, we got certified by the NPO graduate clinical training evaluation mechanism (JCEP).

Based on emergency medical care, all of our staff would effort day-to-day development to meet the needs of local healthcare from highly advanced medical technology to elder service. Especially heading for below [1] never refuse emergency medical, provide early treatment for acute symptom [2] provide compelling medical services in declining birthrate and aging society [3] Early detection of cancer, Provide treatment from early stage to end-of-life care, Listed the three points, we looking forward to be a hospital which could provide the best treatment to everyone in this regional.

[1] In 2014, total 11000 ambulances was dispatched in Atsugi city, the acceptance result of ambulance for our hospital was 2617. (Breakdown; 1480 was dispatched from Atsugi city). Since April 2014, we started trauma orthopedic department, treatment for multiple trauma and trunk trauma, limb trauma (fracture, vascular injury, such as cutting limb) is convalescent. A convalescence ward was also opened, in order to enrich the rehabilitation treatment after emergency treatment.

[2] We make an effort to provide a medical environment that could let patient delivery at our hospital feel relieved. There was 312 delivery cases during 2014 based on the medical system which could support for action of the natural childbirth, cooperation with the pediatrics for 24-7.

[3] We are focusing efforts into health check-up department, which has an excellent PET-CT screening equipment, the early cancer detection and recurrence of the follow-up examination could be done by PET-CT .Early stage gastric cancer, are equipped with systems that can high endoscope quality to early colon cancer treatment. Aggressive treatment (surgery, chemotherapy) based on the evidence even for advanced cancer we’re working on. Also it offers home care for the hope of patients that want to spend the last moment at home even for end-of-life of patients. 2014,26 end-of-life patients was taking care like at home or in nursing homes.

Japan is forecasted to become an aging society with one in four is late elderly (over 75 years), 22 million peoples will be reached in coming 2025. We will continue to aggressively introduce comprehensive community health care system even for the elderly medical care, which is becoming a problem in the future.
Even Shonan Atsugi hospital is still the hospital in less than 10 years since opening, I will push on to plan cooperation more and more in future, and to contribute to a community medicine with the medical institution of the neighborhood. I will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.