Trauma Center

Information on Trauma Center


We respond to every traumatic injury from multiple trauma, severe open fracture to general bone fractures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Especially in treatment for severe four limbs injury, we try our hardest as to fulfill our role as the last stronghold in Kanto region.

Contents of Treatment

Most of patients in Trauma center have symptoms associated with locomotory apparatus injury(orthopedic external injury). Therefore, the orthopedic surgeons specializing in traumatic injury take the central role in running the department.

Patients with traumatic injuries are brought into ER first, where early treatment is applied mainly by doctors specializing in ER, trauma surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons specializing in traumatic injury. After that, the patients undergo radical surgical treatment and rehabilitation which are provided based on in-depth in-depth strategy, then leave the hospital for home or to be transferred to other hospitals.

Treatment is continued on an out-patient basis after patients leave the hospital or move to other hospitals. Also, medical data of patients, including image data and pictures are managed consistently in a computer, which are to support patients in the future.


The Trauma center in our hospital has an emergency medical care center established near by. As for multiple trauma and body trunk trauma, a team which centers around “trauma surgeons” provides treatment for them. and as for severe four limbs injury such as amputated four limbs, open fracture, vascular injury, and crush injury, the “orthopedic surgeons specializing in traumatic injury” perform treatment consistently from the beginning.

General bone fractures are treated by the “orthopedic surgeons specializing in traumatic injury” from surgery treatment through rehabilitation. And, we put an effort in not only medical care but also academic activities. Staff and fellows are obligated to write several dissertations annually therefore, they collect data in-depth on a daily basis.

Representative target diseases

We are able to deal with almost full gamut of four limbs
(four limbs mean hands, upper limb, foot and lower limb)