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Home-Visit Nursing

Information about visiting examination/ home-visit nursing care


In our hospital, there are services such as visiting examination, making house calls and home-visit nursing care. They are provided by staff of Shonan Atsugi Hospital. We visit patients’ houses and provide these services for them in cases where it has become difficult for patients to continue treatment on an out-patient basis or visit the hospital after hospitalization.

Our doctors/ nurses support them, hoping that they can recuperate at home with their family in a safe and comfortable way.

(covered by health insurance/ care insurance)

Contents of our visiting

visiting examination(health insurance)

Healthcare guidance on recuperation at home

Pharmacists ⇒  Based on instructions of doctors or dentists, the pharmacists exercise pharmaceutical management of drug history , give guidance on compliance, check dose of drug intake and storage conditions of drugs etc.
Nutritionists ⇒  the nutritionists give nutritional guidance based on instructions of doctors or dentists

About prescription of medication

  1. Drugs are available at an outside prescription.
  2. There are drugs that we can only prescribe for 14 days at longest depending on the types of drug.

Home-visit nursing care(health insurance/ care insurance)

Eligible person

This is aimed for those who have a insurance card/ care insurance card/medical care certificate for mentally and physically handicapped and their primary doctor has decided home-visit nursing care is necessary in order to proceed home care.

Application for Home-visit nursing

Please consult with doctors, nurses in the hospital ward, nurses in the outpatient department or caseworkers.
Based on instructions forms for Home-visit nursing provided by doctors, we ask either the patient or family of the patient to make an application through an interview.

About visiting after the application has been completed

  1. The time of home-visit nursing differs depending on its contents of nursing but basically there are divided into less than 30 minutes/ less than 60 minutes and less than 90 minutes.
    As for number of visiting times, we consult with patients according to requests and health condition of the patients.

  2. Visiting date and hour can be changed do to transportation condition or when there is need for emergency visiting etc.

  3. Visiting date and hour can be switched with that of other patients’ according to their health condition.

About Fee

About health insurance

  1. Medical examination and doctor’s visit are covered by health insurance.
  2. If it is home-visit nursing covered by health insurance, the number of visiting times and its fee change according to its condition.
  3. In case of treatment cares covered by health insurance, we ask for 250 yen/visit as traffic expenses.
  4. For a part of medical supplies and treatment that are not covered by insurance, we ask for actual costs and expenses.

About care insurance

  1. Home-visit nursing covered by care insurance is given priority over others in nursing however, those who are not applicable to, will be covered by health insurance.
  2. In our hospital, we offer “Guidance for Management of In-Home Medical Long-Term Care” by doctors.