Dialysis Center



Dialysis Center ,Shonan Atsugi Hospital is on the second floor in the outpatients’ ward. In Dialysis Center, there are 25 beds and 25 consoles(3 in the 25 consoles are capable of providing HDF) and we perform artificial dialysis according to the schedule listed below.

Each bed has a TV installed with them and there are a locker for personal use in the single-gender changing room. We mainly perform blood purification therapy for chronic kidney failure and alternatively. Also, we actively provide various blood purification therapy and plasma exchange therapy etc. for patients who are severely or acutely diseased.

And, in case of resulting in complications that require hospitalization/surgery, patients may undergo dialysis while receiving the special treatment at each medical department in the hospital.

We provide welfare consultation by social workers and diet consultation by in-hospital managerial dieticians as needed, hoping to support our patients continue dialysis treatment with ease and safety.

Duration of dialysis treatment

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* It standardizes on 3 times a week(4 hours of dialysis treatment per time)
* Urgent dialysis treatment is performed on a round-the-clock basis.

The blood purification therapies performed in our hospital

Blood dialysis(HD)
Continuous hemodiafiltration(CHDF)
Plasma exchange therapy
Endotoxin absorbe therapy adsorption
Cell-free and Concentrated Ascites Reinfusion Therapy
Leuko CytAPheresis (L-CAP)
Other, Dialysis treatment performed at other departments in the hospital

Transportation service

We provide complimentary transportation services at patients’ request. Please consult us as early as possible, as we may not always be able to meet patients’ requirements due to conflict of time and route of our services.


We provide meals prepared under the management of in-hospital managerial dieticians For its actual cost(500 yen), if you like. You can have them in a dining hall, located next to the dialysis treatment room after the dialysis treatment.

Shunt center

Regarding shunt trouble, we respond to them on 24-hour schedules, please directly contact the hospital.

Tour of Dialysis Center

Regarding the tour of Dialysis Center, please make a prior contact to us by phone.
If you would like to transfer to our hospital from a hospital in other prefectures, please contact hospital social workers.

Temporary dialysis treatment

We provide temporary dialysis treatment for patients of other hospitals when they come near our hospital on the occasion of trip, homecoming visit, and business trip etc.. Also, we perform dialysis treatment in our center in cases where there is need for hospitalization for medical examination and surgery etc. If you would like to apply for temporary dialysis treatment, please contact us directly by phone.
(Please make an appointment as early as possible as we may not able to meet your request when all the beds are occupied with other patients)