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Contents of the medical checkup About PET-CT
We start PET and PET-CT examinations at Shonan Atsugi Clinic from December1, 2005 for the first time in the Kenou region. These will lead the 3 major diseases, cancer, heart(heart infarction) and brain to early diagnosis.

The mechanism of PET

Cancer cells have a trait to inoculate glucose 3-10 times more than normal cells. Making use of the trait, In PET examination, a medicinal substance called FDG, made by combining quasi- glucose and radiological material, is injected through a blue pipe.
The injected FDG congregates at where cancer cells are, and by taking images of them with the PET device, we are able to learn the location and size of the cancer. We give guidance to you according to your lifestyle.
(It is best suited for those who are busy or like to do things at their own pace)
We make a medicinal substance called FDG by marking positron-emitting radionuclide glucose
The medical substance(FDG) is injected intravenously
Cancer cells inoculate glucose 3-10 times more than normal cells.
We Create images of the condition of gathered FDG with PET, then check for cancer.

PThe difference between PET and CT/MRI

CT image→PET image →superimpose display of PET-CT
A tomographic device is used in CT and MRI and it is called morphologic image examination as it pictures the morphological defect of internal organs. On the other hand PET is called a metabolic image examination as it is capable of showing the condition of gathered glucose, that is to say, determining the activity level of cells.
By introducing PET examination to examine the activity level of cells and CT and MRI etc. to examine morphological defect of internal organs, we are able to perform more accurate medical examinations.
In the image obtained from CT examination, there is a tumor visible at the right chest, In the PET image, there is a gathering of FDG indicating a “Cancer”. By superimposing them we can learn the exact location of the cancer and its activation level.

High-security examination

Since FDG(made by combining quasi- glucose and radiological material) is injected into the body, there is slight radiation exposure involved in the PET examination. However the quantity of radiation we are exposed to, in one PET examination, is said to be approx.2.2msy(millisieverts) and this is almost equivalent to the dose of radiation level we receive from nature in 1 year. Considering that, it is fair to say, PET examination is an examination with low level radiation.

PET examination for cancer

Component of the examination Lung cancer esophageal cancer pancreatic cancer rectal cancer thyroid cancer
Women Breast cancer uterus cancer ovary cancer *other examinations are also possible.
Cancer cells develop over the course of 10 -20 years. In the conventional examinations, cancer cells would frequently be detected after they had advanced, making them too late to be treated. Cancers of under 10mm in size were impossible to detect before, but with PET examination we can detect them and furthermore, examine the stages of its progression and whether it is a malignant tumor. As well as it enables early detection, it takes an important role in judging metastasis and relapses.

Detected case by PET-CT imaging I

The image on the left is obtained from PET-CT imaging. It shows the FDG injected into the body is gathering at the focal site.

PET examination of the heart

Components of the examination Heart infarction ischemic heart disease activity of heart muscle
A large quantity of blood flow is conveyed into the heart muscle, consuming lots of energy from it. With PET examination, we can obtain a clear image of blood flows in the heart muscles. This enables us to accurately detect an abnormal blood flow in the muscle. By understanding exactly what degree of energy is required by the heart muscle we are able to set guidelines for the treatment of blood vessel of the heart. It is considered to be higher in spatial resolution and quantitative performance when compared to the conventional radionuclide scanning(SPECT).

Detected case by PET-CT imaging II

The image on the right is obtained from PET imaging, it shows blood flow of the heart muscle and energy metabolism. In the blood flow testing for the heart muscle, you can see a pathological lesion which is suspected to be heart infarction.(the white arrow head) and in the testing of glucose which provides the energy source for the heart muscle, you can see the uptake of FDG is increased in accordance with the site showing a reduction in blood flow(the red arrow head)

PET examination of the brain.

Components of the examination Cerebrovascular disease brain cancer epileptic focus
The brain functions, by consuming the large quantity of oxygen and glucose conveyed via the bloodstream. The blood flow and energy metabolism of the brain are increased in sites where the activity of nerve cell is high and decreased in sites where the activity is diminished. In PET examination of the brain, we administer FDG with intravenous injection, and we diagnose if each site of the brain is functioning properly by examining the movement. Also, as a response to cerebrovascular diseases like brain infarction, one of the 3 major diseases, we can check the volume of oxygen consumption by performing PET examination with oxygen gas called O-15.

3. Cutting-edge medical treatment is effective to diseases other than major diseases

The number of patients suffering from senile dementia(deterioration mental) is over 1.5 million this year, according to what the statistics say, it will reach roughly 3 million by 2020 and keep increasing even after that. PET is capable of diagnosing senile dementia (deterioration mental) therefore, it enables us to provide appropriate treatment and support for senile dementia(deterioration mental) by diagnosing them while they’re still in the early stage.

How to apply for PET

How to make an appointment by phone

Please make an appointment by calling at the number below.( Health Promotion Center)
Telephone number: 046-223-7815
Reception Hours 9:00~17:00(excluding Sundays and Holidays)

How to make an appointment through FAX/ Mails.

Please write your name, address, birthdate, the name of course you would like to apply for, and preferred date of the examination. and sent it to the address bellow by FAX or snail mail. We will get back to you to tell you whether or not it is acceptable to us.
FAX 046-223-7722
To “Health Promotion Center , Shonan Atsugi Clinic “
Nurumizu 49-1, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-8550
* Considering the nature of the PET examination, in principle ,cancellations can’t be made on the day of the examination.
If you have to cancel the examination, please contact us by 2 days prior to the day.
Application form for the complete medical check up(PDF)

Report of the complete medical check up

The result of examination will be mailed to you as “Report of the complete medical check up” roughly 2 weeks after the examination.

-Notes of Caution-
  1. Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant can’t undergo PET examination.
  2. If you are in the middle of diabetes or have little children, please consult us.
  3. Please avoid using purgative drug and relief of diarrhea from the day before the examination day.
  4. Please don’t take medicines for diabetes on the examination day.

Flow of PET examination

Non-eating Please stop eating or drinking from 4-6 hours prior to the examination.*Water is fine.
History taking, measurement of body weight/ level of blood glucose History taking is performed by a doctor. Body weight and level of blood glucose are measured in order to decide the quantity of FDG we administer in the examination. Measure the glucose level
Administration of FDG Test agent, FDG is administered intravenously
Complete rest Keep quiet in bed for about 1 hour, wait for FDG to go through the whole body
Bladder emptying Eliminate extra FDG from the body
Take images with PET Lie on the examination table and stay quiet. It takes 20-30 minutes.
Rest After the examination, rest for about 30 minutes until the quantity of gamma radiation decreases
Leave the hospital There is no explanation about the diagnostic result after the examination on the day.