Health Promotion Center

Contents of the medical checkup: One-day examination
Specific health checkup and specific health guidance begin in April, 2008.
Please work up a little courage for your own health.
Here, We inform the dates and fee of company medical checkup and general medical checkup.

Information on one-day examination/guidance

Flow of the one-day examination

  1. AM
    1 Sign-in at the reception counter (specific medical checkup A/B course)
    2 History taking
    3 Medical checkup
    4 Stratify patients at risk(doctors and health nurses etc. select people in need of health guidance)
  2. Recess
    Take a little rest and relax.
    You can eat meals you brought with you to the hospital.
  3. PM
    Specific medical guidance, personal interview(active support/ motivational support)
We give guidance to you according to your lifestyle.
(It is best suited for those who are busy or like to do things at their own pace)


What are specific medical checkup and specific medical guidance?

In regard to a reform-related low of the medical-care system established in 2006, the preventive services of adult-onset disease with a focus on metabolic syndrome became mandatory in April, 2008.
Specifically, it is aimed to reduce the number of “sideration and severe diseases” by providing specific medical checkup for insured people who are in the age range of between 40-74 and specific medical guidance for those who have adult-onset diseases or are likely to develop them.

What’s metabolic syndrome?

Adult-onset diseases such as obesity, high-blood pressure, dyslipidemia and diabetes are gradually gaining an understanding that they are not independent diseases but caused by obesity, specifically obesity with the accumulated fat in the inward organs(visceral fat accumulation).