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Contents of medical checkup, Brain scanning (called Nou-Dog in Japanese)

To protect yourself from subarachnoid bleeding・・・

We often hear about people who had been confident in their health fell down all of a sudden and lost their health. Since brain diseases are revealed without advance notice , medical treatment would usually serve passive treatment. However, recently it has become possible to predict brain diseases to an extent by providing MRI examination.
Especially, MRA examination is necessary for people who are 40s or 50s’, in their prime of age, as early detection of cerebral aneurysm that causes sudden collapse from subarachnoid hemorrhage is possible with MIRA. Brain diseases are directly connected to a drop in QOL(quality of life).
Therefore, We recommend that you undergo “Brain scanning (Nou-Dog)” to prevent it from happening.

An encouragement of Brain scanning(Nou-Dog)

or example, even though patients experience no symptoms of paralysis or anything at all, there are cases where we find a small infarction with MRI. The small infraction itself is minor, but it may be a precursor of stroke. It can also send a person into demented state when it increases in number. If they are detected, they can be prevented to some extent. Also cerebral tumor which is a rare disease, can be detected by MRA scanning. Subarachnoid bleeding is often developed in people who are in their most productive years. Please protect yourself from developing it by detecting cerebral aneurysm that causes it early with MRA scanning. We recommend brain scanning , to prevent brain diseases and to lead a healthy, happy life.

Cerebral stroke is ranked third in the leading cause of death for Japanese.

Cerebral stroke is roughly categorized into 3: brain infarction, brain bleeding and subarachnoid bleeding. Cerebral aneurysm and blood vessel malformation are the causes of brain infarction, brain bleeding and subarachnoid bleeding. They are insidious, but it is possible to detect them before they rupture by undergoing brain scanning,

Suddenly one day,・・・Brain diseases that are too late to be treated after falling sick.

Brain is the most detailed organ in the body, each site has its function. For example there are a site for viewing things, a site for moving hands and legs, and a site for thinking etc. so if any of these sites is damaged, it inflicts permanent damage on the site.
In the worst case, it leaves people in a bedridden/ vegetative state. Also, subarachnoid bleeding is one of the most well known causes of death for people who are in their prime.

Device used to examine brain What’s “MRI”?

With the advent of CT scanning, the lives of many people have been saved. But there was a still limit in examining the condition of disease prophylactically. Newly developed MRI has enabled us to detect the brain diseases that had been overlooked in the past. Also, MRI is an examination method performed with magnetism, that is radiation free.