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Rehabilitation Unit


<Rehabilitation Room>

Rehabilitation room is on the 5th floor in the inpatients’ ward. There are also a physical therapy room, an occupational therapy room, a speech therapy room on the same floor, there is full of light and lots of space that you will enjoy. We give consideration to make sure those entering the rooms can spend their time feeling relaxed both, physically and mentally, hoping that our rooms will be called a place of healing inside the hospital rather than mere “training room”. There are also a daily living room for training movements that are required in house chores, bathroom with wheel-chair access, a hydropathy room and testing equipment and devices for emergency response. These are open to hospitalized patients, their family, and out patients.

<Rehablitation room in the hospital ward and at bed sides>

Rehabilitation is also performed at the bed sides of patients. It will be provided for people who have just left the hospital, starting while they’re under treatment. Acute rehabilitation is aimed to shorten the healing process by supporting them to do the things they used to do and intend to, and also to provide a countermeasure against adverse effects developed by resting due to diseases or treatment. There are not only PT,OT and ST but also we perform rehabilitation in corporation with doctors, nurses and assistant nurses under meticulous risk management.

<Out-patient rehabilitation>

It works most effective for functional deterioration. Therapists aim to guide our patients with much consideration by finding the most effective way to maximize the ability our patients already have, not falling into an one-way pattern that only focuses on motor function of patients. We set goals considering social back grounds and psychological aspects of our patients and put them into action.

Physical Therapists(PT): Motor function of the entire body. PTs advise patients on how they can practice to improve the functions required for being able to play sports again or participating in society, and they also provide advice for patients with respiratory disease.
Occupational therapists(OT): Motor function of superior limb, hands and fingers, OTs advise patients on how they can practice to improve function to support them be able to play sports again or participate in society.
Speech therapists(ST):STs provide practices and advices for patients on how to improve their language function, communications skills and swallowing function.

*Rehabilitation is begun when a suggestion is made by a doctor in each diagnosis and treatment department. Please consult a doctor first, if you would like to participate in our rehabilitation.

Greetings/Introduction of Staff


In hospital, you may associate rehabilitation with training for function recovery. This word “rehabilitation”, was used for restoration of rights in medieval Europe which and brought into the contemporary period, it is done in aims of regaining human dignity such as a role in family and society and to lead a life we deserve as a human. If diseases and injuries were a part of a life-time drama, each patient would be the lead in it, and we would be one of those people who support behind the scenes such as directors or costars. We hope to share the sensation which comes with tears and laughter with our patients.

In Rehabilitation unit of Shonan Atsugi Hospital, physical therapists(PT), occupational therapists(OT) and speech therapists(ST) are the main instructors, and they work in cooperation with doctors, nurses, medical social workers and other medical staff. We welcome patients from all the hospital departments, regardless of disease types. We make efforts in working together with the community so that we can smoothly make the shift from medical care to care insurance service as the occasion arises.

Rehabilitation room

:cerebral vesse disease etc(I) , locomotor apparatus (I) respiratory apparatus(I)

Introduction of Staff

13 physical therapists , 7 occupational therapists and 3 speech therapist and 3 doctors