Department of Dermatology

Greetings/Introduction of Staff

Contents of medical cares

You may want to understand as follows: we deal with diseases having lesions in the skin mainly on an outpatient basis, and as for the face and limps, and the entire bady, they are treated in the department of dermatology.

This is diagnosis and treatment department in which we check the entire body gaining clues from the symptoms occurred in the skin. Diseases we come across in the department of dermatology are widely varied, ranging from ones that are specific to the skin such as eczema, irritated skin, burn injury and suppuration, to lesions caused in the skin as a symptom of systemic illness.

There are few skin diseases that can be explained clearly about what’s causing them, also there are many chronic diseases that require long-term hospital visiting. Therefore, we aim to provide custom-made treatment plans for each patient through consultations, being careful they won’t be one-way treatment imposed on our patients.


We provide treatment for patients while consulting with other departments in the hospital. As a part of regional medical service, for people who need to make contacts with neighboring university hospitals and need a referral form, we will try to respond to it as immediately as possible.

Representative target diseases

General diseases diagnosed in the field of dermatology
We provide medical examinations for anyone with rash on the skin irrespective of age and sites.

Introduction of Staff

【Affiliated academic societies etc】
  1. Fellow of Japanese Dermatological Association
  1. 1985, graduates from the medical department of Teikyo University
  2. 1986, enters department of dermatology. Teikyo University Hospital
  3. 1991,at department of dermatology, Shimane University Hospital
  4. 2012,at the department of dermatology, Shonan Atsugi Hospital

the department of dermatology
Mari Okada